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We are so happy that you have chosen to visit our website!  Love INC exists to mobilize the “church” to minister to a hurting and needy world…In the Name of Christ.  There are many individuals living with severe needs in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community that no social service agency or ministry is able to serve.

It is our hope that by having a Christian volunteer minister to them in their time of need, the poor, the elderly and people with disabilities in our community may understand how much God loves them.

Love INC does not seek to replace or duplicate what human service agencies and ministries are doing well, but only to supplement and complement the work of those agencies.

This heart represents why we are different.
The heart represents the love of God for all.
Its unfinished edges remind us of Love INC’s grassroots, relational
approach to ministry that engenders transformation
in us and the people we serve.
The Cross represents the foundation of the Christian Church
and the unifying force of the Love INC Movement; the
heartbeat of God’s love for us.
The Cross is our hope for both the present and the future.
The colors remind us of God’sredemptive and transforming love.
Purple is a color symbolic of redemption.
Red represents the blood of Jesus and the love
of Christ – the supreme sacrifice He made for all of us.

The entire Love INC image signifies the love we have for God, His
Church, each other, and people in need.
This love identifies us, determines how we serve others, and
makes us who we are.

Mission Statement

The mission of Love In the Name of Christ is to mobilize believers in Christ to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, elderly and disabled in our community.


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