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About Love INC Charlotte

More than 160 social service agencies and ministries, including the Department of Social Services, the police department, hospitals and their clinics, home health agencies, schools and many congregations, call Love INC when they have someone with a need that no one is able to meet.

If the service is one that Love INC volunteers are able to provide, volunteers or staff in the Love INC office will first verify that the need is a legitimate one and that it is manageable for church volunteers to successfully complete.

Love INC has formed a network with more than 190 congregations in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. Many of those churches have completed a "Time and Talent Surveyā€¯ of their congregations to determine which volunteer services their members are willing to offer to people in need. When a need referral is made to the Love INC office, it is then assigned to a Love INC volunteer who is willing to do that service through one of the Love INC network churches.

Love INC does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, or sexual orientation when providing services to clients referred to the Love INC ministry. No client is required to convert to Christianity in order to receive service from Love INC church volunteers. Although Love INC volunteers are willing to pray with a client and may ask if the client wishes someone to pray with them, no client is required to pray in order to receive services.

Performance of any requested service is dependent upon the availability of a volunteer willing to donate that service.


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